Have you found the right media coach for your CEO?

Nowadays, there are probably as many media trainers out there as there are lawyers. Finding one that will fit with the culture, style and needs of your organization and your executives can be a challenge.

I have used several over the years both in Europe and the US, with tactics and techniques varying widely from 60-minute style, straight to camera videos to theory-based instruction and mock crisis situations. What I found works best is when your consultant or coach truly understands not only your industry but has in-depth experience working with senior executives over many years.

Granted, they usually have higher fees, but their experience and understanding of what makes a CEO tick allows them to establish credibility with the leader and to modify their training depending on the reaction and personality of the executive being trained. They are flexible and they are street smart.

Here are some essential factors to consider when selecting your executive media coach:

Are they respected in the field? Ask others in the field that you respect for recommendations. Word-of-mouth is an excellent resource for finding your perfect coach. Has a colleague or former colleague worked with the coach previously? Do you know an executive who has been trained by them?

Are they a cultural fit? If your organization is based in Europe, look for someone who is familiar with the culture and media style on the continent. The same goes for other regions and countries.

Will your CEO respect the coach? Consider the types of professionals, and personalities, that your executive leader tends to work well with. Interview the coach by Skype or in-person to assess their style, personality and approach.

Will the training meet your current and future media needs? If your team experiences repeated crises, you will want a coach who is comfortable in that realm. If your building awareness for your CEO, you may want a different, more theory and practice style.

Most importantly, you and the media coach need to partner together to ensure your training meets the needs of your organization, covers issues and reflects the styles of your current media reality and enables your executives to walk away from the training feeling that they have the tools to succeed.

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