Struggling to find content to share with your social media followers and more ways to share your own content?

One of the hardest parts of maintaining and growing your online brand can be content curation (the sharing of other’s content) and expanding your audience.

Here are several apps that can help you do just that:

Flipboard: A great place to find current news and articles related to your interest areas. The ease is in the name: flip. The visuals are easy to flip through and provide a quick way to share content. It also enables you to engage with a larger audience by sharing content that you generate and the ability to create and publish your own personal magazine.

Medium: A bit more mysterious than Flipboard, Medium can help you build a following by providing a blogging platform for your writing. The more unique your article, the more likely it will be seen and shared. It provides a reading list of most read stories along with an ability to bookmark articles that you like.

Theneeds: Similar to Flipboard, Theneeds provides greater flexibility in personalizing your content. It is also uses layout and design to increase usability. The best part, it provides a chart drop down that gives you easy access to the latest infographics and data charts that are all the rage.

The one drawback is that most of these apps are pulling from the same sources, although Theneeds seems to have more global coverage. If you are looking for unique content, you will need to use a good old-fashioned search until you find that unique story that will interest your audience. But don’t worry, a new app called Focus@Will will help you focus while searching.

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