Are you planning to dress up for Halloween?

Many of us are. For one night, we have an opportunity to make ourselves into someone we want to be.

I love this holiday as I find it incredibly interesting to see what people choose to transform into. It’s almost as if they finally have the freedom to reveal their true nature.

Whether we realize it or not, it is an image refresh – or in public relations speak – a personal rebranding.

For organizations and public personalities, it’s a lot harder. And if the past month is any indication, it seems that the season for changing your image is well underway with the Republican Party and Jennifer Lawrence making strange bedfellows as they launch their rebranding efforts.

Here are some tips to consider before donning that Halloween costume or taking your image in a new direction:

Assess your strengths.
What are your strengths? How can you best deliver on those strengths? If you have a hard time assessing, ask those who know your work and know you well – including your career history and personal interests. Your strengths are your value.

Get to know your potential audience. What is the market need that only you can fulfill? As with your strengths, if you do not know ask. Informally or formally survey the market to see what are the biggest issues that are keeping executives in your field awake at night.

Look for the sweet spot. Now that you have identified your strengths and the market need, make a list of both, side-by-side and find where they align. This is what makes you unique and will make the new you marketable.

Build your brand around your promise. Always remember that a brand is a promise to your potential clients/customers – it needs to align with reality and be reflected through your marketing. From your logo, mission/purpose statement, to your website, social media presence, marketing materials and campaigns to the way your business looks and how you and your employees act.

Check in once a year. Everyone and everything changes with time. As you progress with your new image, you’ll need to adjust as you go and the market may also surprise you with how they continually respond to the new you. Review your image once a year to ensure it is still aligned with your promise and the market need.

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