Have you thought of building your own personal brand?

In many ways, you already have one. You’ve established a presence online and have been posting and sharing content. Whether you realize it or not, your followers have formed an opinion about you, your viewpoints, your interests and your talents.

Taking control of that brand is not exactly easy but is an essential part of managing your career. Your brand should represent the value that you consistently deliver, both online and offline.

As a result, you will have:

  • More freedom to be yourself
  • Channels for establishing your unique point-of-view
  • More credibility (and by extension, confidence)

Here are a few tips to get you started on building (or rebuilding) the brand of you:

Establish your career attributes. Determine what is that you do well. Make a list.
Determine who your target audience is. It may not be who you think it is. Share these ideas with a trusted confidante for their perspective and insight.

Build your platform. Decide what channels will work best for you given your attributes and audiences. Establish a presence on those channels or rebuild your presence within existing channels you are currently using.

Join the discussion. Jump right in to the discussion in your area of expertise. Share content. Post your opinion on content. Start establishing yourself as a go-to source.

Create content. Once you are comfortable with the above, start creating content and sharing with your network, outside your network using tools like Outbrain and seeking opportunities offline through public speaking and delivering workshops.

Have writer’s block? Watch what is currently trending in your field and offer your opinion.

Remember to always be yourself. Use your own perspective and your own style and to live your brand offline as well.

Happy branding!

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