While having lunch with my niece last week in Boston, she had asked me many questions on entering into a communications career. Having just finished her first year of college, she asked for tips to help her develop a film career.

Below are six tips for those just starting out in communications:

Find a mentor who is an expert in the field. It could be a professor or someone you have admired for their expertise and the work they create. Do research to find out who best exemplifies what you would like to become in your career. Reach out and ask them to help you create – and navigate – a similar career.

Experiment with your craft.  Don’t be afraid to experiment. Try on different skills to see how they feel to you. Start doing this in college. Is it filmmaking, advertising, producing or writing that interests you the most? Be honest with yourself.

Hone your skills overtime. You may not reach your goals overnight. It may take 5, 10 or 20 or more years. Get comfortable with this. Stay focused and realize the pay off will come in the end through your dedication and commitment. In the meantime, enjoy your journey.

Don’t be afraid of failure. Failure leads to success overtime. It’s part of experimenting. It may show you where you need to adjust and approach your goals in a different way. And even though its cliché, it does build character and creates humility. We are all just human and mistakes are par for the course.

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